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We make our rocking horses manufacturer, according to our own exacting and scrupulous standards and all the specialists who supply the items used in the making of our rocking horses have been carefully chosen for their painstaking expertise. For example, saddlery is produced for us by a skilled craftsman based in the famous leatherworking city of Walsall. All bridles are stiched and have solid, fine brass bits sewn in to them.
Raw Material :
Kiln dried mahogany, high standard metal stirrup, leather saddal, real horse hair and with stained color finishing
Knock down design so that it is asey to carry Knock down design so that it is asey to carry
We accept custom design and unfinished for rocking horse
Mahogany Rocking Horse
Measurement :
115 cm / 46 inches
153 cm / 61.2 inches
50 cm / 20 inches
47 kgs
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Welcome to our Rocking Horse site!
Makers of fine hand crafted rocking horse
Excellent for christmas and birthday gift for children and toddlers and will be cherished for many generations to come.


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