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Special Jigsaw Central Area DSC01368

Special Jigsaw Central Area DSC01368
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The central area of the jigsaw. Note the angel at the top beteen the star and the stripey rocks. In two of the 'sky-windows' above the large snakes I asked Simon to cut two ghostly birds of prey menacing the snakes. I suggested eagles but then thought owls might have a simpler outline and be easier to cut. These multi-piece figurals are the least successful part of the design - the ghostly snake in the corner worked well. There is a King sitting on a rock wielding a sword - a counterpart to the Wizard near the bridge. Also scattered about are various sword, a mace and a few running animals.

[In the 'sky-window' above the bridge Simon has cut the band logo and have a riderless horse leading the other riders. Simon added his 'double-snake' signature in the bottom corner and various little swords, hatchets and a fir tree. Halfway up a cliff a man (wizard?) sits wielding a wand.]
Date: 2019-01-11 15:38:00

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